Monday, August 31, 2009

There is so much going on right now and yet i feel like i haven't done anything yet! there's just so much to look forward to!
God is teaching me just how BIG He is! it's amazing!
right outside my home in Arequipa are these Beautiful mountains! they have snow on the top even!! they are so real and yet they seem so unreal, so huge, so magnificent.... and that doesn't even compare to MY GOD!! He created that with just a spoken word!
it's awesome!
anyway, um i'm really not good at these blog things but hopefully i'll get the hang of it soon!
so we got here saturday! i slept half the day because i hadn't had any sleep for over 30 hours. i was EXHAUSTED! but i caught up on my sleep and Laura and Katie my house mates arrived about an hour or two into my nap.
that night we ate with out family, which consists of two little girls the dad= Jesus and the mom= Miluska.
their house is pretty nice! i'm so thankful for their hospitality... and the mom reminds me of a spanish Audry Hepburn!! :) YAY! I am so excited!
they took us out on the town showed us all over Arequipa is a Beautiful place!
( i'll have pictures very soon!!)

Then yesterday was our first day at our new church... Alto Libertad.
It has dirt floors and tarps as the ceiling and roof... We studied Luke 10: 31- 40ish..
about the Good Samaritan.
it was in all spanish but i understood most of it! i love my new pastor he seems very real... but we haven't gotten alot of time to know the church just yet but it's great from what i can tell... very new though only about 25 or 30 people. then we had potatos, meat and dfferent veggies for lunch with our family. i took a nap again trying to get some energy stored up for this week!
when i woke up Laura Miluska and i decided to go to the Grocery... WOW! MUCHA GENTE!! (alot of people) we were bumping into each other like crazy! i felt really out of place too... it's weird feeling like the minority... kinda scary honestly...
anyway we came home and eat dinner... now when i think dinner i think big meal.... Right? well their dinner consists of tea and bread lol yeah... so i need to get used to that but man was i hungry. Laura and i were having a good conversation and you could here our stomachs Screaming lol but it's just something different than what i'm used to.

then on to today~
1st day of spanish training! i love love loved it!!
we did really good and learned a ton just in the first day! we have class every day from 9-1.
it's outdoors so very cool!

now we are at a cafe doing homework and FIANALLY calling home...
can i just say one thing: THANK YOU JESUS FOR SKYPE :)

psalm 91- is somewhere that i'm kinda camped out at. since i'm in a new place, kinda scared and unfamiliar.

PS i am apart of an AMAZING GROUP of 40/40's and am so thankful for each individual here... I can't wait to see God move!!!